Melanie Bumble Community Support

The Melanie Bumble Support Group for those in need during difficult times

About Melanie

Melanie is a Bridgnorth resident who came forward in order to assist the residents who were affected by the Winter floods in January 2021.

She assisted with temporary accommodation and the supply of day to day essentials by asking for donations on the Social media group “Bridgnorth News and Views” which got a great response from the local caring Community of Bridgnorth.

Further help

During this time many people came forward who were struggling financially after losing their jobs due to covid 19 aswell, so she assisted them too.

She now helps out by offering items that have been donated to her such as : food, bedding, clothes and furniture etc

Mutual Aid

Melanie also forwards people on to Mutual Aid which is a voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit. They can help people who are self isolating or have mobility issues by allocating local Vollunteers to deliver their shopping and prescriptions etc, they offer many more services such mental health support, medical care and disaster relief.

She is now so busy she has had to engage a Team of Vollunteers herslef, hence the nickname Bumble.

Who its for

All goods and services are strictly for those in need during the winter floods – the Coronavirus pandemic – or generally struggling financially due to unemployment.

  • If you are self isolating or have mobility restrictions and need support with shopping, prescriptions or transport to get vaccinated.
  • For those who are unemployed and struggling financially and need day to day essentials such as food and toiletries.
  • For those who are struggling with their mental health.
How we can help

We help those that are affected by the Winter floods, Covid-19 and those who Struggle financially.

Winter Flood Help : Helping with Temporary accommodation, supply of clothes, washing, food supplies, replacement furniture and bedding.

Covid-19 Help : Assist with shopping and Prescription collection and delivery (Mutual Aid)

Financial Support :Food Bank can signpost clients to support with housing, debt help and budgeting etc.

Signposting service : Helping you get the right support by forwarding you on to the relevant organisations or Support groups.

Day to day essentials

Food, Bedding, Clothes, White goods.


Shopping assistance – transport of goods.

Contact details

For every local charity and Volunteers.

Meet the Volunteers

Thank you for all your Support and Donations

Charities and Services

Bridgnorth food bank

Bridgnorth Foodbank

Food service
Contact details :
Tel : 07960 285520
Email :
Website :

Bridgnorth Mutual Aid

Covid-19 Mutual Aid

Support with shopping
Contact details : 
Tel : 01746 802091
Email :
Social media : Facebook

Volunteers Needed

Melanie Bumble Support Group

We need volunteers who are locally based to the area and can give up a bit of their time.
This may involve – sorting of donations,food,clothing ect.
Possible pick up and delivering of goods to peoples homes or drop off and pick up points. This may involve taking any goods that are not passed on to the clothes banks/food banks.

Most people have busy lives and their time may be limited but if you could spare 1 hr a day or even a week that would be much appreciated.

If you would like to volunteer, a small form will be provided for you to fill in so people know who you are when picking up and dropping of goods.

Application Form | Volunteer Portal

Covid-19 Rules and Safety

Volunteers will be kept as safe as possible, they will not be entering peoples properties, this is to ensure everyones safety aswell as safeguarding the vulnerable. Drop off points/areas will be arranged beforehand.

Important notice

Individual status checks may need to be a carried out to prevent abuse of this service.

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