Hollywood movie filmed near Bridgnorth

First World War drama Can You Hear Me ? Hollywood movie filmed at Upton Cressett Hall near Bridgnorth.

Upton Cressett Hall near Bridgnorth

Upton Cressett is a secluded hamlet deep in the Shropshire countryside, but lies a few miles of the historic town Bridgnorth.

Next to the Hall is the historic Norman church of St Michael with its 12th century wall paintings and famous 12th century font.

Story line

A passionate love affair in 1917 between an English girl and an American officer leads to marriage just before he is sent to the Front in France, where is almost immediately killed in action.

She cannot accept this news and so in her imagination he returns to her as a spirit.


Hollywood movie filmed near Bridgnorth
Hollywood movie filmed near Bridgnorth- Starring Charlotte Radford

The film also features actor John Standing, American movie star Peter Facinelli.

Facinelli most recently starred in thriller 13 Minutes, and also wrote and directed popular Netflix pic The Vanished.

Also James Cosmo, who appeared in Game of Thrones.

Hollywood movie Can you Hear me ?
Hollywood Actor James Cosmo

William Cash

Upton Cressett Hall owner William Cash said Upton Cressett Hall would play a prominent role in the film.

He said he hoped that the movie would raise the profile of Shropshire, and boost the tourism economy.

“Shropshire has a history in the film industry, being used for films including Atonement and Howard’s End,” said Mr Cash.

“Hopefully it will bring people to Shropshire, and make people realize what a great and glorious part of England it is.”

“It is the first time we have had filming at Upton Cressett since the early 1970s when the BBC came to do a drama, so it will be the first time we have had filming for nearly 50 years.”

William Cash
William Cash at Upton Cressett Hall

Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter, who is directing the movie, said:

“It’s a unique and beautiful script. A sensual and romantic ghost story set in the dark days of World War One.

“The story deals with loss and how to let go of the ones you have loved.

It’s a deeply moving supernatural journey which moves from the ferocity of the trenches of the western front to the haunting beauty of an English country estate.

Simon Hunter Director
Film Director-Simon Hunter

Other locations

Filming has also taken place in Much Wenlock, the Long Mynd, the SVR and Pitchford Hall.

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