Good News regarding Covid 19 Immunity

Interesting and good news from Dr John Cambell regarding immunity and re-infection of those that have had Covid 19.

Topics Covered:

  • South Korea
  • Testing positive again, China, Japan and Italy, as much 10 weeks later
  • Recovered patients who tested positive for COVID-19 likely not reinfected
  • Patients who appeared reinfected, false positives
  • Probable long-term immunity
  • Expert panel, dead virus fragments causing 290 to test positive after recovery
  • Not caused by reinfection or reactivation
  • Tests detected the ribonucleic acid of the dead virus
  • PCR tests, cannot distinguish living or dead virus, leading to false positives
  • Fragments of the virus can be detected for up to two months
  • Respiratory epithelial cells have a half-life of up to three months
  • Patients had developed antibodies
  • The process in which Covid-19 produces a new virus takes place only in host cells and does not infiltrate the nucleus, (Dr Oh)
  • This means it does not cause chronic infection or recurrence
  • Virus stays outside of the host cell’s nucleus, before quickly bursting out and infiltrating the next cell
  • Unlike hepatitis B or human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV)
  • The virus is currently undergoing very small genetic changes
  • Even if antibody levels, memory cells (memory lymphocytes)
  • The KCDC has not found a single case where such patients had passed the coronavirus to another person


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